Electronic People Counting solutions - South Africa

People counting technology forms the basis for a range of high-tech solutions, including retail analytics, queue management, building management and security applications. We have a strong presence in the retail sector where we have successfully implemented counting systems for many of South Africa’s retail chain stores.

We offer an array of counting solutions from entry level systems to very accurate, high end systems boasting the latest sensing technologies and data retrieval methods. Our product suite consists of products that are designed and manufactured in South Africa as well as representing products from overseas. We have formed a business partnerships with overseas based comapnies and represent their products in South Africa

  1. Our main focus:

    People counting software development
    We partner with Top Counter manufacturers and create world class software to get raw foot counting data from retail people counters over any TCP/IP network and report on it using graphing tools
  2. Why Count people?

    Ratios, KPIs for your store or mall
    Calculate conversion ratio = customers/visitors (x100 to obtain %). This is the key performance indicator of a store's performance and is far superior to traditional methods which only take into account sales data...
  3. People Counter hardware & software:

    Data retrieval methods
    Itera's 500 series counter provides the customer with a fully networked counting solution designed to automatically retrieve data from multiple stores/entrances over a company network (LAN, VPN or WAN).